Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the gorez pre-launch website!  A site dedicated to assisting the accommodation industry to build and maintain direct bookings.

1.  What is gorez?

gorez is an independent Australian company owned and operated by active Australian hoteliers.  Our company is passionate about restoring balance in the accommodation industry by providing hotels and accommodation providers with essential tools and resources to claw back direct bookings from third party online travel agencies.  At the same time, gorez is committed to educating guests about the advantages of booking accommodation directly with hotels.  

2.  Why do hotels need gorez?

Direct bookings are essential to hotels, but are under constant attack from third party agencies.  Direct bookings build customer loyalty, eliminate online booking commissions, eradicate all of the issues associated with third party booking agents, and allow hotels to control all aspects of the booking process.  Most importantly, direct bookings preserve profit margins and increase the value of businesses.

3.  Why should guests book directly with hotels?

Hotels love direct bookings, and regularly provide guests with great incentives for booking directly with them.  Incentives may include specials packages, discounted tariffs, the best available rooms, greater room choices, free Wi-Fi, late checkouts, free parking, upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, return guest discounts, loyalty programs or a host of other advantages that are not available if guests book through other online websites. 

4.  Why will guests use gorez?

Gorez combines the convenience of online booking, with the incentives provided by hotels for booking direct.  Guests win both ways!

5.  How does gorez work?

Pretty simple!  Hotels and accommodation providers list their properties using the ‘Add My Property’ link at the bottom of the gorez website page.   Properties pay an annual subscription fee determined by the number of apartments or units they have for available for letting.  Guests search for properties at the destination of their choice, and thanks to each properties channel manager, guests can see real-time availability and prices with just a couple of clicks.  Guests can then link directly to hotels via hotel website links, email or phone.  Guests book directly with hotels – exactly what hotels want to happen.  gorez properties also have exclusive access to a growing bank of direct booking supports, loyalty resources, ideas, e:messages, and initiatives they can use to grow their direct booking clientele.

6.  What are the advantages of gorez to property owners?

a. gorez advertises properties to guests via channel managers, meaning guests see your real vacancies and real prices.

b. gorez allows property owners to control which guest searches will showcase their property.  Meaning owners can easily choose or change when gorez will present their property to guests for bookings.

c. gorez connects guests directly to individual property websites, including website 'Specials' pages and booking grids.  gorez also connects guests directly to properties via direct property emails and direct telephone numbers.

d. gorez does not rank properties on searches according to criteria such as additional fees, quality of photographs, amount of rooms available, or any other compliance criteria regularly used by other online booking sites.

e. gorez is easy for property owners to use and to modify or update, and has a great Help Guide that owners can download from the 'Add Your Property' page.

f. gorez does not charge commissions, is inexpensive, and can be paid for by properties via advertising funds.

g. The gorez team is 100% dedicated to building direct bookings for hotel operators.  This gorez website is the first step in a detailed and strategic direct booking plan.

7.  Which properties can be listed on the gorez direct booking site?

Hotels, motels, resorts, caravan and leisure parks, bed & breakfasts, backpackers, hostels, holiday houses and similar short-term holiday businesses are all invited to list their properties on the gorez website.  While gorez does accept listings for individual apartments and houses etc, gorez does not accept listings for apartments or units etc if those apartments or units etc are located within a larger letting business or property that is also a gorez subscriber property.  All that is required for a property to be listed on gorez is a website for gorez to connect with.

8.  When I search on the current gorez website, I always get the same twenty or so properties?

This is the gorez 'pre-launch' website. This website shows property owners how the site works.  As properties are added to the gorez site, they are stored in our data-base until the website officially launches to the general public.  Then all properties will be displayed according to search results and availability.

9.  What is the gorez pre-launch website?

This site is the gorez pre-launch site.  This pre-launch site is inviting properties to subscribe through the ‘Add My Property’ page during its ‘Pre-launch’ phase.  This way when gorez officially launches, there will be plenty of choices for guests to search.

10.  What are Foundation Properties?

Properties that subscribe during the pre-launch phase are identified at Foundation Properties.  In return for their loyalty, foundation properties will always receive benefits from gorez including FREE, delayed and discounted subscription prices.  Once gorez launches to the general public, properties can still subscribe, but they will have missed the opportunity to achieve 'Foundation Property' status.     

11.  When will the gorez site officially launch?

Once enough foundation properties have subscribed, the site will launch.   

12.  How are properties ranked on gorez?

All properties identified by a guest search are ranked on Page 1 in random order.  Guests may choose to reorder the listings according to price, star rating or name (alphabetical order).  Properties are never relegated to the dreaded page 2 or beyond.  

13.  Can a hotel pay more to always be ranked higher in guest searches?

No.  Searches always produce random order results.  Research indicates that property owners generally dislike secretive and divisive ‘pay for priority’ schemes.  

14.  Does gorez take bookings?

No – all bookings by guests are made directly with accommodation providers.  

15.  Does gorez impose cancellation fees or any other conditions?

No, gorez does not impose its booking policies on individual properties.  Guests book directly with individual properties and are subject to each properties own terms and conditions.  The gorez terms and conditions are detailed on the ‘Terms & Conditions’ page of this website.  

16.  Who is the Key Contact Person?

Each property must identify a key contact person who is responsible for all aspects of the gorez listing.  See the ‘Terms & Conditions’ link for full key contact person details.  

17.  Can a person be the Key Contact Person for more than one property?

Yes.   There are many instances where one person manages or represents more than one property.

18.  Does gorez charge a commission?

No!  Properties pay a very modest annual subscription fee determined by the number of apartments or units they have available for letting.     On many occassions (eg: management rights), these fees can simply be paid from apartment owner advertising funds - costing the manager nothing.  Funds raised from subscriptions will go toward promoting the 'Book Direct' message.

19.  How much is the gorez annual subscription?

All foundation properties will receive a FREE subscription for the first 12 months after gorez launches to the general public.  Once the 12 month FREE period has concluded, foundation properties will enjoy a discounted annual subscription cost. Subscriptions will vary according to a number of factors, including property size.  Interested property owners can click on the ‘Add My Property’ page, scroll down and fill in the box called ‘No of Letting Apartments’, click on the ‘Calculate’ button and the annual discounted foundation member subscription fee will appear.    There is a downloadable Help Guide at the top of the 'Add My Property' page.  Properties that subscribe after gorez launches to the general public will not be eligible for the 12 month FREE subscription period, and won't be able to access the discounted subscription rate.  Annual gorez subscriptions are a 'drop in the ocean' in comparison to the savings that can be gained by not paying OTA commissions, and will fund promotion of the 'Book Direct' message to the general public.

20.  How is the annual subscription calculated for a tourist park or caravan park?

Park owners can click on the ‘Add My Property’ page.  Scroll down to the ‘No of Letting Apartments’ box.  Enter the number of cabins, units or fixed dwellings that the park offers for holiday hire.  Do not include powered or unpowered camping or caravan sites.  Click on the ‘Calculate’ button and their annual subscription fee will appear.   There is a downloadable Help Guide at the top of the page.  Annual gorez subscriptions are a 'drop in the ocean' in comparison to the savings that can be gained by not paying OTA commissions.

21.  When do properties pay the subscription?

All foundation properties will enjoy a FREE subscription for the first 12 months after gorez launches to the general public.  When property owners are subscribing their properties on the gorez 'Add My Property' page, they are asked to enter the number of units their property has for letting.  This calculates the discounted annual subscription cost that will be applied in the future if managers choose to continue on the gorez site after the FREE 12 month period is finished.  So, nothing is paid up front, and nothing is paid for the first 12 months.  Once the 12 month FREE period has concluded, foundation properties can either unsubscibe for absolutely no cost, or they can continue on the gorez site by paying the discounted annual subscription.  All other properties that subscribe after gorez has been launched to the general public will be required to pay their subscription when they subscribe.  All subscriptions are for a 12 month period.    Subscription fees will contribute to promotion of the 'Book Direct' message.

22.  Can an owner of more than one listed property receive a discount?

Yes.  Owners of more than one property should contact the gorez team to calculate a ‘multi-property’ discount.    Multi-property discounts also apply to chains and franchises that join as a group.

23.  Can individual owners of different properties cluster together and receive a discount?

Yes.  Individual owners of different properties can form a 'cluster' and contact the gorez team to discuss a ‘multi-property’ discount.   Typically this would apply to properties that have a common bond such as they exist within a particular city, town or locality.

24.  How will the Loyalty System work?

The gorez loyalty system is easy and requires no additional work by property staff.  When gorez is launched to the general public, guests will be able to complete a basic membership form and download a gorez loyalty card directly to their phone or email account.  When guests book a room directly with a hotel, they will need to declare they are a gorez member at the time of booking, and present the card when they arrive at reception.  The hotel will provide that guest with any 'return guest' or 'direct booking' incentives that it sees fit.  

25.  Will gorez support me with resources?

Yes.  gorez subscribers will have access to a large and growing online bank of direct booking resources that they can download.   Resources will include free website images, Facebook and Instagram posts, pics and videos, reception desk flyers and posters, guest compendium inserts, newsletter articles, guest pamphlets, water bottle neck tags, hotel door tags ......... the list is endless.

26.  How can I find out about direct booking ideas that actually work?

Properties that subscribe to gorez will have exclusive access to our direct booking seminars.  Each seminar will showcase successful direct booking ideas that hotel operators have used, the latest direct booking trends both nationally and overseas, initiatives from website and social media designers, will provide feedback from our own research, and will enable operators access to direct booking resource suppliers and supporters.

27.  How will gorez be advertised?

Social media is a far more effective method of advertising than traditional TV, radio or newsprint advertising. All modern industry disruptors such as Uber, Airbnb, SnapChat etc are all launced via social media platforms and 'word of mouth'.  gorez has developed a high quality social media and email campaign that it will employ, built and coordinated by experienced social media marketeers.  Subscriber properties will be invited to distribute our electronic marketing resources to their past guests via their databases.  In doing so, gorez properties will be able to collectively promote the gorez direct booking message to millions of past guests at no cost.

28.  Will gorez advertise my property on my behalf?

Yes.  To obtain a gorez loyalty card, guests will complete a basic online membership form.  The aggregated membership data will enable gorez to target online advertising campaigns to membership groups according to their cohort characteristics.  Individual properties, special deals, property chains, destinations and events can all be advertised directly to gorez guests, as well as the all important 'book direct' message.

29.  Is the gorez website tablet and mobile friendly?

Yes, the gorez site is fully responsive, and will reconfigure to suit any sized mobile device.  

30.  Will gorez have an App?

Yes, gorez is developing apps for both android and apple systems.    

31.  How do we contact gorez?

Click on the ‘Contact’ page or email directly on or call direct on 0419 376 316